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Last night I was brought in to cover the Scottish post-rock band Mogwai at a sold-out show by Golden Voice at the Regency Center ballroom in San Francisco (a decadent place of marble and turn-of-the-century chandeliers). Composers of long melodic guitar-based pieces almost completely without vocals, Mogwai is not a band to which you pound your head out —  the mood of the crowd was subdued (I heard audience members hush one another) — though they were certainly a fan of suddenly snapping the crowd to attention by breaking a long quiet interlude with a blast of sound and strobes so bright they warmed the audience (and blinded me through my viewfinder).

Having heard their name many times before, I still had not yet heard any of their music before coming to the show; but to a new listener, they did not disappoint.

This gallery will be updated soon, as what you see here went up the same night as the show itself.