In honor of the first man in space, Yuri’s Night is celebrated with parties around the world. NASA Ames at Moffett Field throws a particularly entertaining one. Buzz Aldrin delivered a humorous speech, and performances/artists (pictured herein) include Zoë Keating, Freezepop, Gamelan X, Miguel and Angelo, Shrine, Michael Christian, and of course, the dark and bizarre Bad Unkl Sista — with whom I was performing.

Many of these images –particularly the blurred and chaotic ones (such as Domini, pictured above) — were taken from within a performance. My role was as one of Anastazia’s characters (of Bad Unkl Sista), but also the photographer (no surprise, that). We don’t do that “tired professional” jeans-and-a-tshirt with a backwards baseball cap photographer nonsense here.

Here is the gallery.

One highlight: I saw a men dressed in a full Soviet military officer’s uniform, and exclaimed how fantastic that was to see on a US military facility; overhearing me, an older gentlemen — with a NASA badge — turns to me and says, “That’s the general of the base.” We love you, NASA.

And for entertainment value, here is my off-camera flash, disguised and very Bad Unkl (my design!)
Bad Unkl Blight Light v2000 for Yuri's Night