Salamander, as she’s known

This past Friday I had dinner with a friend, a lovely musician under the project name Oryx Incruentus; it was her idea as she wished to hand-deliver the album of hers I purchased, and we feared for the safety of courier boys in this perilous city. Also, wax cylinders are much too heavy for carrier pigeons. I had toyed with the idea of going to Diamond Dagger’s Burlesque Masquerade show, as many of my friends would be modeling Dark Garden corsets, and so off we went.

Autumn of Dark Garden Corsets

To make a long story short, there were a score of beautiful corset-clad women clamoring politely requesting that I take their portrait, utterly preventing me from doing my sacred duty of shooting the show (actually, that’s a blatant lie, as I wasn’t there to shoot the show (watch, yes) at all). But, then the show ended early and they all vanished (lest their finery fizzle and their carriages return to pumpkins? Perhaps).

See the gallery (handful of snapshots) here.

PS: I love my job.