California voters: Tonight is the last night to register to vote. Do it. I’m not telling you who to vote for November 4th (*cough*, *cough*) hoping instead that you’ve watched the debates and paid attention to the failed polices of the last 8 years (or have you been living under a rock?). We need to send the world a message that we are not hopeless, arrogant bullies.

However, I will tell you to vote NO on Proposition 8 — don’t eliminate marriage for anyone (gays have the same right to be as miserable as heterosexual couples). If you vote Yes on 8 you are no longer my friend. This is much more cut-and-dry than the presidential election (where both major candidates are good, honorable people); this is about bigotry.  This is about out-and-out lies from the proponents: Churches will not lose their tax-exempt status (though those that support this should) and schools will not be forced to teach gay marriage in schools if Prop 8 does not pass. This is flabbergasting and out-and-out offensive.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

I bring you photos from Hubba Hubba Revue’s Oktoberfest! (pardon the lack of extraneous riduculous umlauts here), wherein Lee Presson and the Nails did play, joined by a very special guest, Leslie Presley — the two of which have not sung together for over four years (I believe).

Pictured above are Whitney and Jessica (of the zombie burlesque troupe the Living Dead Girls) brandishing faux firearms as the Oktoberfest Beer League Defense Guild (or so I just made up).