October Events:

  • Tonight: Attrition, Imprint and Unwoman at the DNA Lounge
  • Saturday the 11th: Jill Tracy and Paul Mercer at the Hypnodrome
  • Sunday the 12th: San Francisco Decompression
  • Friday the 31st: Queen of the Damned Ball, New Orleans

November Events:

  • Saturday November 1st: Endless Night, New Orleans
  • Saturday November 15th: The Crazy Hay Maze in Half Moon Bay
  • Saturday November 29th: Bohemian Carnival at the DNA Lounge, San Francisco

There will be many more, so check back for updates.

Photos from Los Angeles’ Burning Man Decompression ~

This past Saturday I wandered down to the arid* Southron lands (*except that it rained on Decom — again) for their very own Decom. Gooferman and a few members of Vau de Vire were down there already for another gig, and they joined Mutaytor, the Wandering Marionettes of Cirque Berzerk, and Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque on the Mutaytor stage. Pictured above is Eric Gradman of Mutaytor/Cirque Berzerk, clearly violating the “GLOWSTICK FREE ZONE” that Decom was declared to be this year. Silly clowns.