Folsom Street Fair presents one with an inundation of hairy men, sweaty leather, and exposed cock-ring-adorned penises.

These are not the photos you will find here.

It is to this bastion of sexual excess that we, the purveyors of modesty, bring forth the Prim Queer Tea. Brought to life by Nifer (of NifNak fame) Colin and Slim in 2007, this year saw a much expanded turnout with a number of fine folk who had heard tale of our special breed of tomfoolery and saw fit to join us. (Slim, you brought your Mother. To Folsom. This entertains me to no end.)

Under the mantra of “Modesty is the New Kink,” Edwardian couture was doffed, cucumber finger sandwiches consumed, and healthy quantities of piping hot Earl Grey imbibed (especially the “stout” variety (that means spiked with rum, for those of you who didn’t catch that). Truly, an event like Prim Queer Tea in the middle of Folsom is a matter of inevitability. With the extremity of, well, extremities on display already at the Fair, one is left with little option but to go as far as possible in the completely opposite direction. And Folsom Street Fair is an event we would all like to enjoy and participate within, but it for the most part has gone off the deep end of classlessness. It is therefore our sacred duty to provide what little we can.

The gallery is here. Milk and sugar?