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Gooferman Day!

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Photos from Gooferman Day (celebrated at Annie’s Social Club) are up. Though taking place on a weeknight and barely promoted, attendance was good and composed almost entirely of friends and family — and thus much ridiculousness was had.  And hot on the heels of their Southwest tour, it was the best set I’ve heard Gooferman play yet.

Pictured above: Goofermerch! Coming soon to a website near you.

Bring Your Own Big Wheel, Easter Sunday, San Francisco 2008

Monday, March 24th, 2008

In keeping tradition with that special breed of nonsense that makes San Francisco so very spectacular, I bring you this eve photos of the eighth-annual (caution: obnoxious audio) Bring Your Own Big Wheel (BYOBW) “competition.” Taking place Easter Sunday, the supposed goal is to get to the bottom of the hill in the quickest manner possible atop a garishly rickety Big Wheel — style points are definitely awarded, and some riders piloted “chopper” bikes and others trash cans. Participants wear everything from flip flops to full biker leathers to bunny and gorilla costumes. Injuries are badges of honor and beer in cans standard issue. (I will only admit to mimosas, and I have a clown to blame.)

See them all here at the blight’s Bring Your Own Big Wheel gallery.